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The majesty of a snow covered mountain range, cutting through clouds and glinting like a knife in the sun, takes my breath away.  The peace of the hills infuses me with itself.  The wind in my hair and mud on my face as I speed down a forest track reminds me I'm alive.  The complex interplay of shapes, textures and lines in nature and man's creations astounds me. Capturing these moments of beauty, I take them with me.  When I look back and see them again I'm inspired for the future.  I hope that you view them and take some of the beauty, some of the inspiration, for yourself.

As if being a stupid keen climber, mountain biker, snowboarder and general outdoorsman isn’t enough, I’m also a photo junkie.  I find it impossible to ignore the beauty that my sports expose me to and cannot understand how others presented with the same magnificent scenes cannot yearn to capture and share them forever.

To create an amazing sports image is to capture the essence of the individual as well as the surroundings.  Yet to capture both the action and the situation is often extremely difficult.  To get close enough to be in on the action, yet to include enough of the landscape to give the viewer the whole, is difficult if not impossible to attain and it remains my main motivation, being oh so sweet on the odd occasion it is attained.

I haul my camera bag everywhere with me – have done since the very beginning of my photographic days.  The best photographer on the earth hasn’t got a hope of capturing a scene if they’ve no camera with them.  As a result, my image library is now pretty extensive.  It includes images of most of the main domestic climbing venues in Scotland, a good number in England and an expanding range of locations in Europe.

Sport and landscape photography is now my main staple.  But I’m also interested in wider photographic themes, such as architecture, street, abstract and macro photography.  I've almost completed the re-edit and tagging of my entire collection and these older images will gradually filter into the gallery along with new works.