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Monday 18th 02 2008 12:00:00 AM

Pictures and words by Andy Main

A wee break from winter...

So could have been up north hacking up gullies with the masses but for various resons there has been a lack of winter action for the punters. This wee break has been filled by my second love trad and two weekends of climbing in t-shirts in the sun in febuary, it's been awsome.

So first weekend we head for Northumbria, an early start an a rude awakening for winter tuned boady's and heads; soon got into the flow of it tho and tim romped up "stretcher wall".

Had a lie in on sunday and headed for somewhere closer to home, Ratho Quarry beckoned and we got up a few routes. Nice climbing but in need of more traffic, come on you Edinburgh locals get yourself out there!
It appears some access issues have been resolved over winter, a couple of staff members came over and warned us of the dangers of lose rock, duh its a quarry! Much better than 4 months back tho, the signs saying no climbing have been taken down and staff were very positive, with talk of a gated system and out door leading courses in the future.

I had an entertaing struggle on "up the creck".

Reinhart nailed his first HVS no bad for pussy sports climbing forginer. :p

This weekend we had the same deal up early and down south, we went to cliff ton crag in Dumfries's a wee gem of a granite crag, steep and powerful just the way I like it. Great climbing and a beautiful out look greeted us.

We had a good day nailing some hard routes with neil leading his second e1, "main wall".

Couple of e2's looked very tempting so will be back soon. But maybe not that soon looks like the high pressure that been giving us all this sun is breaking up Wednesdays, so crossed fingers for some more snow and a return to winter.

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