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Monday 11th 01 2010 02:27:43 PM

Pictures and words by Andy Main

Gray Mares Tail – Road Side Lowland Ice

After weeks of freezing weather in Edinburgh I was cyked to get out to some lowland ice venues and I thought no one was up for it until I received a last minute txt from a Mr Dunn. We left Edinburgh at about 3pm pretty random driving south in sunset with winter gear. 

The roads were pretty dodgy, but James driving and 4 wheel drive got us there with just enough light to do the first pitch.

This was awesomely formed and gave some straight forward climbing to steep/overhanging sections. I found this quite hard especially with my waist leashed catching on the down turn icicles. By the time I had untangled myself and got up to James bealy it was completely dark and I set of on the second pitch with much trepidation.

The second pitch started as the first had ended with some knarly steepness. This was soon over and I stretched the rope out to get to the first amphitheatre. We then raced up the remaining gully in 2/3 solo pitches and escaped right.

A brilliant road side route and great to finally get it in such good nick. Climbing it in sunset and starlight only adding to the atmosphere of adventure.

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