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The Images


A bespoke photo assignment is often out of the question, but time is short and deadlines approach.  This is where stock images will be of use.  Images can be licensed as one-off for a specific application or for royalty-free use.  A selection of low resolution files will be supplied on the chosen subject from which a final selection can be made.

If you would like to use one of my photos as stock or want to see my complete library on a subject, contact me to discuss your requirements.


Much of my photography happens on a personal, spontaneous or self assignment basis; however I’m happy to accept assignments to create images against a brief.  If this involves a bit of excitement and adventure then all the better.

If you have a photo in mind, please contact me (see above) and I’ll be happy to discuss things with you.


Fees for one-off use will depend upon the specific use: including subject of the publication, size of image, intended circulation, and period of usage.
Fees for royalty-free usage depend upon the duration of the licence.
Fees may be discounted for multiple licences.
An admin fee may be charged if no image is used.


Irrespective of whether an image is supplied for a one-off or royalty-free usage, the copyright will remain with Andy Main.  All images should be credited with a copyright notice, i.e. Photo Andy Main, or similar, unless agreed otherwise.

Image Supply

Stock images can be supplied on CD/DVD, via ftp or email transfer.  A high resolution RAW/TIFF file will be supplied for post processing by the client or their graphics team.  If requested, a low resolution JPEG can also be supplied as a production guide.